It started in January 2013 when Atis, a songwriter, composer and arranger was signed by the record label.


Andy "Atis" Eric Manuhutu

Andy Atis grew up in Los Angeles, California, USA, for more than 20 years. Although his major in school was Science & Math at Azusa Pacific University (APU) in Azusa, California; plus a bit of Aerospace Engineering courses at Northrop University, he also received scholarship for minor in music at APU

Passion for music is definite and it grew stronger even more when he was accepted by Michael Sembello into Micahel's music camp. At the camp Andy learned various things on music including but not limited to songwriting, music composition, music arrangements and productions. He had the privilege to learn also the science of vocal technics, called Speech Level Singing (SLS), from Michael and several other vocal coaches like John Deaver, Janice Macy, Elizabeth Sabine and Chip Hand. During his four years at the Sembello camp, financially Andy received full support from his school buddies, Cokky Silitonga, Bambang Bernanthos, Denny Rinaldi and Rizal Risjad; all are Indonesian diasporas living in Los Angeles at that time.


In December 2012, Jesse Lantang, a long time friend of Andy, came to meet him and told him that it is time for him finish his vacation and go back to work. Andy was smiling and asked Jesse, what is that suppose to mean. Basically Jesse wants Andy to return to the front line of the music industry, and stop playing behind the scene.

"Chair is made for sitting, not to stand on," said Jesse as Atis recalled.So Jesse signed Atis to produce his album and agreed to name his project as Atis and the Tradewind.

The album productions started in mid January 0f 2013 and finished two years later. All music arrangements and compositions done by Andy. Except for two songs (Single version Please, Come To Bali, and Searching for love key fillers by Nadya Sella Belansky) the rest of the song were put together by Andy alone with the help on drums by Ludwig Makasutji and Joshua Risakotta and electric guitar by Eben Andreas. Additional help came from five females with awesome angelic voices; Meivys Sahili, a singer from Cuba, with her amazing vocal tone; a powerful voice of a Gospel singer from Jakarta, Eva Munadi; amazing voices and harmony by Bianca and Athina Nelwan; and the sweet voice of Anna Latuharhary.

ATW Web03

For the song "Please Come To Bali'" that was put up as a first single, which released on iTune, Atis collaborated with Nadya Belansky on keys; Nino Luhukay on electric guitar; Ludwig Makasutji on drums. Both the label and Andy agreed to name the album "The Beginning of the End." Many meanings can be derived from that name. To Atis it means that his behind the scene roles in the industry has ended and now is the new beginning for his music to be heard in public

"I hope the music lovers in Indonesia will appreciate and enjoy this album."

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Early in the productions, Jesse asked Atis to co write a song with him; basic concept is about a couple falling in love on the Island of Bali and wanting to meet again the next summer time. Jesse wrote the initial ideas on the lyrics, and Andy made several adjustment and then wrote the melody for the song and composed and also music arrangement of the song.

It was the first song rushed to be done and put up as a single on iTune on the 23rd of November 2013; the name of the song is "Please, Come To Bali."

Both Jesse and Atis did not expect that the song would be accepted by Bali Tourism Promotion Board (BTPB) as the theme song to be used for the promotions of island of Bali. It is the first province in Indonesia to have its own original theme song.

On the 19th of August 2014 BTB made it official with Jesse and Atis. Both the songwriters exempt them BTB from the obligation of paying "performing royalty." The mutual support began between the Island of Bali and the songwriters. Thanks to Ms. Nina, Ms. Gilda Sagrado, Mr. Tjokorda Atje, Mr. Rhudy Antara and Mr. I Gusti Ngurah Wijaya.

Brought up by his mother, Sophie Hukom, a single parent, who grew up in Purwokerto and Magelang, Central Java. Atis himself was born in Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi Province; a city that he loves so much.

His mother sent him to live with relatives in the US , the Aponno family, starting on his high school year; enrolled in a private school, Maranatha High School, in the city of Arcadia, California, USA. He then remained and grew up in the city of Arcadia and later on experiencing living in several suburbs of Los Angeles.

Atis had produced, trained by, recorded with and or performed with awesome musicians that he fully respect such as: Dewi Sandra, Sania, Jon Anderson of Yes, Michael Sembello, David Lewis of Ambrosia, Reza Artamevia, the gorgeous singer Fauzia Latif from Malaysia, Calvin Jeremy whom he considered as his dear brother, Jennifer Batten, Joe Saint Loco, Gigi, Andi Rif, Sunnie Paxson, his great friend from NYC, Anto Juwono, Harry Anggoman, Judith “tha bass man” Ferdinandus, Stanley “drummer man” Manuhutu, and the great trombone king of Indonesia, Benny Likumahuwa.