Island Mood’s

Jakarta, 23/10/16 – Three weeks ago the head of the Southeast Maluku Regency, Anderias Rentanubun, called Atis and asked if he can compose a song regarding his personal experience at the regency, which is known as the Kei Islands. “It’s an honor to have such request from the head of the regency; I do love those exotic hidden paradise of Maluku,” said Atis.

Question: So have you done composing based on the request

Atis: I am working on it, it is about 70% done

Question: What is it about?

Atis: I am putting myself as a person from Kei; left the Islands to other part of the world, yet wishing that one day he or she can go back to the homeland

Question: What genre of music do you compose the song in?

Atis: Mixed of few ideas and the genre I would called typical Atis’ genre….he.he…he you could say it is blend between Latin, R&B and funk, if you really want to try to categorize it

Question: When do you think it will be ready and done?

Atis: Hopefully by the end of November this year, 2016

After writing songs for the Island of Bali, “Please, Come To Bali” and the Island of Ambon, “Lebe Manis,” Atis feels that the current request makes want to write more songs for places that touched his heart.

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